Corgi Batbike "C268" : 1978 - 1983

Second version - with red fairing and white wheels



The Batbike was a Corgi #268. Featured black wheels and grey Batman, a very rare version (the second) featured white wheels and pink Batman (also grey)... This two version have red front suspension.

Batman pink (purple) and black with white wheels !! There is only 2 options it can be though

1: By mistake


2: They were special editions presented to VIPs that visited Corgi. Now, i know corgi made special editions for VIPs, they did it with quite a few vehicles, the most commonly known one was the gold plated Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond. They did do more though, and as far as i'm aware, never did it with the batmobile.


A couple of window style boxes 1978 and 1981. These boxes included 12 yellow missiles and no instruction sheet, etc.

The "1978" box was predominately dark blue and yellow like its 1973 and 1976 predecessors, the rear of the box showed a very stern (non smiling) Batman.


The Batboat wasn't a very good seller, especially the later version. There wasn't any features on it like the Batmobile, and given the choice most children went for the Batmobile. The Batboat was cancelled in 1981, along with the Batcopter, which wasn't a good seller and looked nothing like the tv series one. For me personally, whilst i own the Batcopter and the Batbike, they aren't my favourites. Corgi tried to expand its batman range in 76 with the penguinmobile and the jokermobile, but these didn't sell well either.


1978 Box

White wheels and pink Batman :