Corgi Batcopter "C925" : 1976 - 1981

1976 second version


The Batcopter was a Corgi Batcopter #925, 1976. The Corgi Batcopter 925 was based on the Corgi Police Helicopter 921 which was based on the real-life Hughes 369/500 turbine-powered helicopter (military designation OH-6). The Corgi Batcopter was painted glossy black and featured red-orange scalloped rotors (resembling bat wings) and an operating winch. Inside the Corgi Batcopter was a little Batman but no Robin. There were actually two versions of the Corgi Batcopter. At first glance, they appear identical but there is a subtle difference visible in the body molding at the top of the windscreen. The first version Batcopter shows an elevated ridge in the body molding near the top of the screen that is not present in the later Batcopters. There is a more obvious difference between the two version in the construction of the winch but it is only visible if you disassemble the Batcopter. Based on the random sampling of Batcopters, the first version Batcopter is much more common. In the 1966 Batman movie, the Batcopter was really a Bell 47 piston-powered helicopter. Since the Corgi Batcopter didn't at all resemble the "real" Batcopter and since I think the scalloped rotors are hokey, I am not a fan of the Corgi Batcopter and do not consider it to be a "must have" item for the Batman enthusiast.


Just another short note, the Batcopter, when it was released in 1976, was originally to be included with a Robin figure. Since they made it to scale with the Batboat and Batmobile, they included a second seat in the Batcopter. However, it was found that the seats were too small to include a scaled Batman and Robin, so the answer was simply to get rid of Robin. They also followed suit later on with the Batmobile. Since Robin no longer worked with Batman in the comics (he did very rarely) there was no point in having him in the vehicles, and was another good cost cutting exercise for Corgi!!! This is why Robin was a lot smaller in later car variations. He was intended for the Batcopter. When that didn't work, they simply used him for the Batmobile instead. Batmans pose was changed entirely as the car version couldn't sit behind the Batcopter seat properly.

The Batboat wasn't a very good seller, especially the later version. There wasn't any features on it like the Batmobile, and given the choice most children went for the Batmobile. The Batboat was cancelled in 1981, along with the Batcopter, which wasn't a good seller and looked nothing like the tv series one. For me personally, whilst i own the Batcopter and the Batbike, they aren't my favourites. Corgi tried to expand its batman range in 76 with the penguinmobile and the jokermobile, but these didn't sell well either.

If you look at the 2 versions (top ridge, no top ridge), the no top ridge actually had phillips screws behind the batcopter stickers, instead of rivets, whilst the ridge top one was riveted behind the batcopter stickers. I've never been a fan of the batcopter myself, and i was told this by Darren. So, me being curious, i bought a few old battered batcopters to see if this was true, and it was!!. Whilst the tail was still riveted, it was possible to go inside the batcopter and change the glass and untangle the rope. As long as you have a batcopter with the tail rotor and the top rotors ok, its possible to construct a complete batcopter again with little fuss. All you have to do at the end is just replace the decals, which i think they do sell on ebay now. I managed to construct a very good condition batcopter out of 3 very damaged ones. I still have that on display now, as my original ones are packed away. I've never replaced the decals, and i won't. I won't pass it off as original, as i know it isn't.

First version "top ridge" have :

- an elevated ridge in the body molding near the top of the screen,
- smaller yellow stickers,
- "National Periodical Publications Inc"
or "DC COMICS INC 1976"

Second version "no top ridge" shows :

- "DC COMICS INC 1976" under the wings
or "National Periodical Publications Inc"
- bigger yellow stickers,
- screws



Left second version "no top ridge", right first version "top ridge",.

Left first version "top ridge", right second version "no top ridge".


First version "top ridge"


Second version "no top ridge".


First version "smaller yellow stickers"


Second version "bigger yellow stickers".


Second version "bigger yellow stickers" vs first version "smaller yellow stickers",




The box was predominately dark blue and yellow like its 1973 and 1976 predecessors (they are two version from this box) :







DC Comics, Inc., also known as Detective Comics, Inc., publishes comics and comics-related products. DC Comics, Inc. was formerly known as National Periodical Publications, Inc. and changed its name to DC Comics, Inc. in 1977.

The company was founded in 1934 and is based in New York, New York. DC Comics, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Warner Communications Inc.

From 1974 to early 1976, Corgi writes: "National Periodical Publications Inc" behind the E69 Corgi Juniors Batmobile, Batboat (version 3.1 and 3.2) and E78 Corgi Juniors Batcopter's wing.

Early 1976, Corgi writes: "National Periodical Publications Inc" behind the C925 Batcopter's wing.

Before 1976, C107 Batboat and C267 Corgi Batmobile have no copyright (all versions before 1976 this just had “Batmobile” on the bottom).

From late 1976 to 1983, Corgi writes: "DC COMICS INC 1976" behind the E69 Corgi Juniors Batmobile, E78 Corgi Juniors Batcopter and behind C925 Batcopter's wing. But the Juniors Batboat had “National Periodicals Publications” under the rear fin until end.

The main change was to the bottom of the C267 Batmobile and C107 Batboat, which now had “National Periodicals Publications” on the bottom until end.


Early 1976, Batcoper have : "National Periodical Publications Inc"


From late 1976 to 1981, Batcopter have : "DC COMICS INC 1976"

First version "top ridge" Batcoper have : "National Periodical Publications Inc" or "DC COMICS INC 1976" and rivets,
Second version "no top ridge" Batcopter have : "DC COMICS INC 1976" or
"National Periodical Publications Inc" and screws.