1966-67, Corgi Batmobile, gloss black, no towhook.

1966 "Long tail fin, taillight recessed, two noses recessed "

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Distinguishing features of the original style Corgi Batmobiles include : hollow or recessed nostrils in the bat nose, rubber tyres and gold wheel hubs with red bats, a "Batmobile" label on the underside of the car, a turbine exhaust nozzle, a pulsating exhaust flame, longer tail fin tips and recessed taillights.

In later versions, eventually each one of these features changed.




The Car

This version is identical to the original matte black version, but is glossy black. All Corgi Batmobiles from this point on were painted glossy black.


The Box

1966 fold-out display box. This is the box that most people seem to want. It has the nicest graphics on it and the inner fold-out forms a nice display for the car (which will leave your car vulnerable to collecting dust if it's not protected inside a larger display case). This box included a small envelope containing an instruction sheet (printed in light purple and black) which also had an application for the Corgi Model Club on the reverse side. The envelope also contained a small leaflet which described features of the the Corgi Batmobile. It also had an adhesive "Batman" sticker which Corgi referred to as an "owner's badge" (shown being worn on a lapel). Finaly, the envelope contained a sprue of 12 red missiles for the Batmobile to launch. Some people say that yellow missiles were also sold with this car originally.