1967-72, Corgi Batmobile, gloss black, with a towhook.

1967 "Long tail fin, taillinght recessed, two noses recessed, right filled in door"





This version is identical to the original gloss black version, but is filled-in right door.

This occurred on the no towhook and tow hook model but there would be very very few. This wasn't meant as a modification at all, it was simply an error. There wouldn't be too many of these though!!


A lot of the batmobiles had what were called longer red lights or were to big to fit properly into the hole, which caused it to protrude out of the top, which in turn didn't hold the beacon cage down very well!! So consequently when the box was moved in the shop for example, these sometimes fell off and lost forever.

This was very common on the whizzwheel versions, and rarely happened on the red hub versions.

Sometimes too, the red light piece was too thin and didn't stick in very well and fitted very loosely!!