1967-72, Corgi Batmobile, gloss black, with a towhook.

1972 "Long tail fin, taillight half filled-in, two noses filled-in"




The chacteristics of this batmobile are the 2 noses are filled in, the tail lights are filled in, the hubs are a bright shiny gold and the beacon is gold, but what makes this particular batmobile stand out is what looks like a moulding error by corgi, a previously unknown error. Whilst we already know corgi made a few moulding errors, none of them before have been particularly noticeable. This one really stands out on the fin at the rear!! It looks like something got stuck in the mould and caused this error, but what's unknown at this time is how many there were.


I know only 4 Batmobile like this,

(1) (2) (3) (4)


Somes same version in the same place!!!