1973-76, Corgi Batmobile, black tyres, whizzwheels 8 spoke hubs.

1975 "Tread sided tyres, purple canopy"




The distinguishing features of this version include a filled-in nostrils on the bat nose, taillights that are also completely filled in, whizzwheels (8 spokes & notch tyres), a non-moving exhaust flame and new tyres, the tail fin tips were shorter than on earlier versions.



The Car


1973 - 76 Corgi Batmobile - same as the 1972 red tyres but with black tyres, and for the first time there was a very noticeable difference with the glass. This version was available in blue, purple and white. Curiously, only the purple glass retained the silver beacon cage. The last versions of this type had the white and purple glass. This car, made with white and purple glass to me are the rarest to find today. Batmobile in capital letter.


From 76, they had national periodical on the bottom, instead of Batmobile. Some 76 whizzwheels do still have the word Batmobile on instead of national periodical, and this occurs mainly with the white glass and purple glass. Corgi had spare bins around that they used the parts of when they had run out, this is why this mistake occurred for a few hundred Batmobiles Batmobiles, with different windshields, occurred because of a mistake in the dye. Purple was too much dye, white they simply forgot to put dye in. This error occurred just twice, in 1975. Once with the purple, once with the white. They had literally thousands of them so had to run with them. This stopped in 77, when they had used up all of the purple and white glass and then went back to using the blue. Normally, this fault would have been rejected, but there were simply too many of them to chuck away. They ran with them simply because of cost cutting. which is why the Batmobile changed so much over the years.







The door stickers appear to be a bit stained with oil or grease, one wheel suspension is not great, and there appears to be what I think is a small factory flaw in the paint where one corner of the underside was not sprayed to the end. The antenna is intact though. No marks on the back of the wheels.