Corgi Batmobile, black tyres, wide whizzwheels.

1979 "Wide Whizzwheel, yellow headlights"

This car look like exactly the same that an Orange headlight Wide Whizzwheels, but with yellow headlight...

Maybe a yellow headlight batmobile got misplaced and constructed later??? It also seems to have the correct horn indicators which incidentally to my knowledge have never been available as a repro part.

This wide wheeled with yellow lights though should also contain robin, and it would be interesting to know the history of the car. Also, to be most considered, is the employees themselves. Some employees constructed their own vehicles using whatever parts they wanted to use, and sometimes would hold parts back. I knew one seller from a toy fair who had a box FULL of about 50 batmobile boxes flat packed with no cellophane that he got from Corgi. This was the 76-79 box. He bought them off someone who worked at Corgi, but he wouldn't tell me who. It seems Corgi employees either got to take a lot home with them, or weren't adverse to pilfering!!!





I must caution in this car below. The car does look mint but it does look TOO yellow, and as far as i'm aware i have yet to see a later batmobile with headlights that yellow. This doesn't necessarily mean though that it's been tampered with though, it could easily have been overspray on corgi's part but it sure would be a rare find if it is original!!! I've noticed though that the car itself is in the later box which came without Robin so if it has always been in this box and never opened then there is no way it can be original as the yellow paint headlight version would have come in the 79-81 box, the yellow paint was discontinued about that time and they used the orange/red paint and never swapped back. I never knew why corgi swapped the paint though, and my guess would be a change of supplier and the paint was cheaper, or the yellow paint contained lead which caused a lot of paint colours to be discontinued as it was made illegal to have lead in them.