Corgi Batmobile, red tyres, whizzwheels 8 spoke hubs.

1973 "Red tyres, long tail fin"

Fake Corgi Batmobile


The distinguishing features of this version include hollow or recessed nostrils in the bat nose, longer tail fin tips and recessed taillights, whizzwheels (8 spokes & balde tyres) and a non-moving exhaust flame.

Every red whizzwheel Batmobile I have seen had short tailfins and filled-in taillights. At one time, I saw an auction for a red whizzwheel Batmobile that had long tailfin tips and seemed to have recessed taillights. The photo showing the underside of the car looked as though the rivets had not been tampered with. If this was indeed an untampered-with Corgi Batmobile, then it would be a whole other body style and variation. The body would differ from short tailfin cars and it would probably differ from the bathub versions by having the axle posts spaced differently. It would actually also seemingly contradict the pattern of evolution suggested by the "1972 Final Bat Hub Version". However, since I have not been able to personally examine any red whizzwheel car with long fin tips, I'm not counting it as a legitimate version.


This one in photo as fake however, the red tyred with long tips COULD have happened. The number would have been so small it wouldn't have been noticed. What Corgi did first is assemble a few prototypes of the red tyred, to see how it looked before putting it into production, whilst the red hubs one was still being produced, so therefore would have used the long tips and the same bottom. Its possible they sent them out to the shops, or the man who owns it knew someone at Corgi.



This one in photo as fake :


A prototype would have looked like that. If you look at both sides of the car, you'll notice the bat-stickers were different. This happened on early red tyred cars, and would have happened on the prototype too. When the prototype was pieced together, they wouldn't have necessarily put the stickers on then, but may have done just before the car was sent out to the shops. This mistake happened because one of the workers was still using an old reel of stickers, whilst the others were using the new type, hence why only the one side (drivers door) shows the new type, and the passenger door shows the old type. My red tyred doesn't have this error, as i didn't buy it straight away. Mine has both of the new type of sticker. Not many people know about the stickers, and its something not a lot of people notice.

The flame apparently its been glued in place, and also the wheels have glue residue around the inside of the wheels.