Corgi Batmobile, black tyres, wide whizzwheels.

1979 "Wide Whizzwheel, type 1973, silver aerial"

Fake Corgi Batmobile


Wide wheels version with the rest of the car a 73-76 model. Now, since the horn indicators on this version have been trimmed, Robins in it, it has Batmobile on the bottom etc etc. The only thing to say its a wide wheel is the wide wheels, and im sorry, it isnt genuine.

Its a 73-76 model that for some reason or another the wheels have been changed.

For a start, the man who trimmed the horn indicators was made redundant, and the quality inspectors would certainly have not missed ALL of the features being wrong, especially the word Batmobile on the bottom. They had someone specific to check that, as they were not allowed to sell them without it for legal reasons.