Inside Batmobile ...


In about 1973, Corgi produced a Batmobile with hard plastic tyres. These were actually whizzwheels on a thin, flexible axle so the car would roll very freely. Unfortunately, this meant the pulsating exhaust flame was eliminated. Also, the spacing of the axle posts was closer together to accommodate the thinner axle and the molding for the plastic seats and suspension changed to account for the thinner axles (first picture) and non-pulsating exhaust flame (but these latter two changes are not visible from an external perspective).



On the second picture, see broken front suspensions.



Version with rubber tyres and gold wheel hubs with red bats :


This car was repaint :


Version with "whizzwheels" :

- no-moving exhaust flame


Difference between version with rubber tyres and gold wheel hubs with red bats

and version with "whizzwheels" and "National Periodical":


Difference between version in front part :





Difference plastic color are used for dashboard, wheels, horns indicator, rocket launchers... (before paint in chrome !) :

- red
- black
- no color (clear)
- blue
- green
- grey
- orange


Black, red and clear plastic under chrome :


Green plastic rocket tubes under chrome :


Blue dashboard :


Orange plastic dashboard under chrome, clear plastic rocket tubes under chrome :



Grey :