Batmobile : Corgi Boxes



Very rare promotional shop price card stand in U.S. Dollars:

The Box

1966 fold-out display box. This is the box that most people seem to want. It has the nicest graphics on it and the inner fold-out forms a nice display for the car (which will leave your car vulnerable to collecting dust if it's not protected inside a larger display case). This box included a small envelope containing an instruction sheet (printed in light purple and black) which also had an application for the Corgi Model Club on the reverse side. The envelope also contained a small leaflet which described features of the the Corgi Batmobile. It also had an adhesive "Batman" sticker which Corgi referred to as an "owner's badge" (shown being worn on a lapel). Finally, the envelope contained a sprue of 12 red missiles for the Batmobile to launch. Some people say that yellow missiles were also sold with this car originally.


Box type 1 - 66-70 Card box with inner card display plinth, used for all Batmobiles upto 1970.

It seems to me though, apart from the very first box change (which was done so you could see the car instead of mr shopkeeper having to keep taking the car out of the box to show you) that all the box changes occurred when the car itself had changed in some major way, so as to get more people buying the car again. Most of the wheel changes coincide with a box change, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was the case. (unfortunately, i didn't ask about the box changes apart from the first). The car was intended as a collectors piece, not a toy, which is what the first box designers had in mind when they designed it. They changed the box to allow you to display your car in the box without gathering dust, as there was no protection with just the inner plinth display, and also it helped sell the product as you could now see it instead of asking mr shopkeeper (who was very busy) to open it.



We will show you that Original Intact
Condition of the Box & Inner Display Tray & Instruction Sheet - Case & Owner's Badge & Missile




The Instruction Sheet has 2 Type that we show the photo, above .
The one (right side) was made & printed for export to France & the other Europe country & South America.




Further , the Instruction case also has the different type of the mark
of manufactuer printed on back of the case . It seems to be able to judge
for the epoch.