Corgi Boxes

1967 "Gift Set 3"

Rare Promotional Corgi Gift Set 3 U.S. Sign for Batmobile & Batboat Set. One of only a few known to exist. Very near mint.

A rare Corgi Gift Set 3 promotional card sign, approx. 29cms in length. Believed to be one of a handful of promotional card signs destined for the U.S.


1967 Gift Set 3

The Car, Boat and Trailer

The car is the tow hook version mentioned above. The Batboat was the first version or "tin fin" version. Although the Batboat was blue in real life, Corgi chose to mold their Batboat in black. This first version Batboat did feature a "flame" sticker on the side of the hull similar to the real Batboat. The rear deck and fin were covered with a tin lithograph which displayed the yellow and black bat logo and was roughly correct for the actual Batboat. Like the Batmobile of this era, the trailer had metal hubs and rubber tyres, although they were smaller than those of the Batmobile. The Batboat was held in place on the trailer by means of two "spring loaded" plastic "hooks" that grabbed two corresponding tabs on either side of the boat hull. All Batboat trailers were painted gold.

A Note About Batboats Sold Separately : The first version Batboats were sold with a little plastic "trailer coupling" that fit over the first version Batmobile's turbine exhaust (held by friction). This coupling provided a hook for pulling the trailer. Those trailer couplings are very rare these days. But at least the first version Batmobiles were able to pull around the Batboat and trailer.




The Box

1967 Gift Set 3 box. The box featured a graphic of the Batmobile and Batboat which folded down flush onto the box for shipping purposes. The insert was a yellow vacuum molded piece of plastic.


1967-70 GS3 box type 1 - red hub towhook Batmobile with tin fin Batboat, both vehicles containing Batman and Robin, instructions set included (even though they're printed on the box)