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1973 "Gift Set 3"




1973 Gift Set 3

The Car, Boat and Trailer

Apparently, in 1973, Corgi sold both the "Red tyre" whizzwheel Batmobile and the standard 1973 black whizzwheel Batmobile. With both of these cars, the Batboat was still the first version or "tin fin" version and the trailer was the same as before. See Batboat and trailer description above.


The Boxes

The 1973 red tyre Batmobile and tin fin Batboat were sold as a set in the 1970 style GS 3 box. The red tyre car and tin fin boat MAY also have been sold in the newer 1973 dark blue and yellow GS 3 box. However, the 1973 black whizzwheel Batmobile and tin fin boat were only sold as a set in the 1973 style box. The 1973 style GS 3 box featured a couple of James Bond vehicles on the reverse side. Inside, the box had a white styrofoam insert.


1970-72 GS3 box type 2- Red tyred Batmobile and red hubbed Batmobile were both available in this box along with a tin fin Batboat. The box was light blue and yellow, and both vehicles contained Batman and Robin. First window box gift set. On both inner flaps either side it read "For spare tyres ask for Batmobile no 1456 and trailer 1457". Again, as with the single box, the red tyred Batmobile that appeared in this gift set never had this on the flap, had on both inner flaps either side it read "For spare tyres ask for - trailer 1457" so if you have a red tyred car with this "For spare tyres ask for Batmobile no 1456 and trailer 1457" on the flap, you do not have a genuine red tyred box. This was meant for the red hubs Batmobile ONLY. It was even removed for the Batboat trailer later on.


1973-76 GS3 box type 3 - Black wheeled deep dish 8 spoke wheels Batmobile (aqua, clear or purple canopy) with a tin fin aqua Batboat. Both vehicles still retained Batman and Robin. I have seen versions on the net that contain the red tyred Batmobile. I never saw this available in the shops, and i suspect due to the scarcity of the previous box that this has been manufactured by sellers. Dark blue and yellow box.

1973-76 GS3 box type 3 - 12 spoke whizzwheels Batmobile (clear or purple canopy), with or without national periodical on the bottom, with a tin fin Batboat with clear or purple canopy. Only Batmobile still retained Batman and Rob


It definitely didn't contain the 12 spoke wheels light blue canopy with national periodical on the bottom.



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Without red arrow on the BatBoat

With red arrow on the BatBoat