Batmobile : Corgi Boxes




The Boxes

A couple of window style boxes with copyright dates of (possibly) 1979 and (definitely) 1981. These boxes included 12 yellow missiles and no instruction sheet, etc. The "1979" box was predominately dark blue and yellow like its 1973 and 1976 predecessors but it incorporated a non removeable header card with a picture of smiling Batman on it. The rear of the box showed a very stern (non smiling) Batman. The 1981 box was predominately black, yellow and red. This box was intended to have a header card attached to it. But from what I understand it was up to the shopkeepers to attach the header cards and often they didn't bother with them. So this style box with a header card is rather rare. The front of the header card showed Batman running with cape unfurled. The rear of the card showed a fuller view of the same Batman.


Box type 5 - 79-81 Window box, dark blue and yellow, non detachable header card. This box contained the wide wheels only, and was the last Batmobile to incorporate Robin (who was made of a pink plastic). The header card showed a smiling batman whilst the back he looked stern. No matter what is said elsewhere, this car DEFINITELY had Robin, i bought this version in the box when i was younger, and still own it today. This was definitely the last version to contain the Robin figure though..



We will show you that Original Intact Condition of the Box & Missile .
The description of gimmick action was printed on the bottom of the Box





This is how they left the factory, and many shops didn't leave the shrink wrap on them. They should have done really, as this would have prevented theft, but if you look at the batboat however, this is why they had to open the shrink wrap, to make sure they contained all their contents. I can see Batman, but no Robin. He's in there somewhere, but the shops had to make sure. When i bought my first orange fin batboat, my Robin had actually gone under the dashboard. No elastic band was included to start with, but this is why they did include it later on. The Batmobile had exactly the same problems, it was always the Robin figure. The shops usually adjusted the Batboat so you could see the figures, but customers pick things up, put them down again , knock them on the floor etc etc and it was a thankless task. The staff didn't adjust them after the initial opening, so you can see what i meant before that you just open the box and Robin would just fall out.

If you look just above the exhaust of the batmobile, you will notice a pink arm and the gold cloak of Robin Hes just sitting there merrily, waiting to be put into the Batmobile.