Batmobile : Corgi Boxes




The Boxes

A couple of window style boxes with copyright dates of (possibly) 1979 and (definitely) 1981. These boxes included 12 yellow missiles and no instruction sheet, etc. The "1979" box was predominately dark blue and yellow like its 1973 and 1976 predecessors but it incorporated a removeable header card with a picture of smiling Batman on it. The rear of the box showed a very stern (non smiling) Batman. The 1981 box was predominately black, yellow and red. This box was intended to have a header card attached to it. But from what I understand it was up to the shopkeepers to attach the header cards and often they didn't bother with them. So this style box with a header card is rather rare. The front of the header card showed Batman running with cape unfurled. The rear of the card showed a fuller view of the same Batman.


Box type 6 - 81-83 window box, Black yellow and red, with detachable header card and no Robin figure. The header card itself showed you how to fire the rockets, so if it didn't have one, you'd have to guess!! My local Woolworths were full of these without the header cards, and piled on top of each other, causing in many cases split cellophane!! There were 3 types of this box. The first had a red plinth inside, the next had a yellow plinth, and the last box had a date on the outside of the box which read "the mettoyTMCo plc Swansea, Great Britain(c 1983)This Batmobile was also available as a Woolworths exclusive with the junior Batmobile, in what is now known as the duo pack.


Corgi knew in 1981 they were in trouble, so looked for ways to cut costs, hence the cheaper boxes (the only way to determine a genuine last issue Batmobile box was by the inner plinth or the header card everything else was universal which Corgi used for ALL their models) and the loss of Robin, This happened with a lot of their models at this time.



We will show you that Original Intact Condition of the Box & Missile.
The description of gimmick action was printed on the back of the Box.