Corgi Boxes

1982 "Set 1360"




Set 1360

The Cars

In about 1982, Corgi sold the Corgi Batmobile 267 together in the same box with a Corgi Jr. Batmobile 69. The larger Batmobile was the wide whizzwheel version and the smaller car was the later (and quite common) whizzwheel version.


The Box

The 1360 box was a slightly enlarged version of the 1981 black, yellow, and red Corgi Batmobile box. It featured a removeable header card similar to the 1981 box.


1982 GS1360 This was a box very much like the last Batmobile box, and it contained the wide wheeled Batmobile with only Batman, and the Corgi junior Batmobile. Only rockets were included.