Swansea Fforestfach factory


Car transporter sets being packed


Castings emerging from the barrels


Corgi assembly shop


Dispatch department in the warehouse


Final quality check


Flat spraying on mesh racks


Hand application of transfers


Hand Painting


Handling out a shot of the car transporter decks and rear ramp. The parts can be clearly seen on the runner system or sprue


Jig-boring the guide pillar locations of a mould


Ladies checking and deflashing casting


Large diecast machine


Mask spraying


Mask spraying and checking of the finished castings prior to assembly


Molten zinc being recast into ingots


Plastic mouldings emerging from the machine


Polishing the small cavities of the multi-impression mould for the James Bond Lotus Esprit parts. The water cooling connections can be clearly seen on the outsides of the mould




Shrink wrapping station


The Corgi warehouse


The degrading plant. The lady in the right hand corner is loading castings into the first hub. This will take the batch along through various degreasing and rising bath


The latest method of loading the castings for painting. Unpainted castings are loaded at the far end


The modern die-casting foundry


Vacuum tank


Vanwall casting pre-assembled prior to painting

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