Change Red Wheels


Its SOOOO easy to change the wheels on a car, (look for damage on the inside of the wheel, around the hole for the axle bar) and believe it or not, I’ve met people who can change the glass without undoing the bottom!!! I'm not going to tell you how to do that though!!

It is possible to separate the wheels of their axes by applying a strong axial traction. The opposite effect can reinstall them on another car ! But be careful manipulation is delicate, not without risk of breakage but possible !

By dismantling cons can leaves tiny marks on the plastic of the wheels was separated from its axis (see photo black wheels). In another case they are glue marks (see photo red wheels).

In another case, if the work is make with attention they are no tiny marks !!!

I have the proofs that many Ebay's seller buy black tyres Batmobile "1973" in mint condition for sell it with red tyres come from another Batmobile in bad condition.

Sometimes red tyre look used and body look like mint !!! Strange, no ? How tyres are used and body are mint in a playworn toy ???

It is necessary to buy with carefully a red wheels Batmobile whether it is true. If the change of wheels is make with careful manipulation you never see if the car are factory built or not ! In all case it's impossible to see in photo.


On Ebay and around, they are badly seller. They make fake Batmobile only for money...


It also occurs to me now that the 73-76 Batmobile with the deep dish wheels and 8 spokes is becoming very rare. I very rarely see these Batmobiles for sale (in fact i see more red tyred versions than this). Since their similarity to the red tyred, you can guess why i'm saying this. All you'd have to do with this version (with aqua glass though) is buy a red tyred thats battered, and change the wheels. The cars themselves are exactly the same, so look for an axle thats protuding out of one of the wheels and damage around the inside of the wheels. Its a sure sign thats its been tampered with.