1966-67, Corgi Batmobile, noir brillant, sans crochet.

1966 "Ailerons longs, feux arrières creux, deux narines creuses, pare brise aqua green "



Aqua green is a genuine color or they are usually discolored simply by the sun? They were left for a long period of time in the shop window, which if it was at the front of the display, they ended up being discolored. One bat sticker would have turned orange. I myself own a battered 67 model where the screen is totally the wrong color and this is what caused it.


In my opinion, this version “Gloss black, no towhook” with an aqua green canopy could be happened.


Left is an aqua green canopy, right an aqua canopy


Left is a green canopy, middle an aqua green canopy, right an aqua canopy