Corgi Boxes



Corgi Gift Set 3 Batmobile & Batboat Set. Scarce. Rare box version with 'REVISED SPECIFICATION' Label for this red-wheeled version. First we have ever seen with this label!Very early Whizzwheels on the Batboat too!

A most desirable Corgi set – this version with the red-wheeled Batmobile is a particularly difficult find – and even more so, with the yellow over-sticker on the box. Indeed, this is the first time we have ever seen this label. What a find!

The set comprises:

1) Batmobile in gleaming gloss black finish with both original figures of Batman and Robin. Tow hook version with fixed flame. Gleaming chrome and original bright red wheels. Shining gold parts. Suspension is fine on all four wheels.

Note that a small portion of the original aerial has snapped off – otherwise hard to fault.

2) Batboat is still banded to the gold trailer – and a rare find with these early Whizzwheels. Complete with both seated figures of Batman and Robin. More desirable ‘tin fin’ version (later issues were plastic). In mint condition.

Complete with a bright unopened Secret Instruction Packet which contains missiles, badge and Instructions.
Both items sit in a fresh and bright polystyrene inner. Little marking due to the models.

The colourful outer box is in remarkable fresh and bright condition with original unpunctured cellophane.
Minor age/handling wear only. No tears or graffiti.

The box reverse is particularly attractive with full colour, vibrant art work which complements the set beautifully. The additional label for the red-wheeled Batmobile makes this box an especially rare find.

Batboat is the wrong year, I'm guessing at some point the original got damaged.