Corgi Batboat "C107" : 1967 - 1981

1967 - 1976 : première version, la remorque


Great ads from a 1969 FAO Schwarz catalog publication.

Look trailer's wheels !!!!!!!


3 - Trailer tyres type 1450 (early 1973 or 1969 ???????).

Trailer with rare silver shaped wheel hubs (this usually came with cast spoked wheel hubs, so this could be something of a rarity).


This is a very uncommon type indeed, and i have no idea as to when it was made. There have been so many variances on these batboats it's untrue. I can't understand why Corgi would change the trailer hubs as it makes no sense, but my best guess would be along the lines of the red tyred batmobile, when shortly after the fire Corgi used what was available for a while just to get the toys out on the shelves, so that would make this one around 1970-72, it might have been made in late 1970 and not available in the shops right away as the batboat was never a good seller due to it's lack of functions. Corgi stored up a lot of stock and had to re-build it after the fire so i'm guessing that would make it 1972 when it went to the shops. One things for sure, there aren't many out there.