Gold Edition Corgi 267 Batmobile



Update 3 December 2017 : The Batmobile sold for £3250 and is now on Ebay at £8750 (Abbey Models - abbeytoys2003). Seems a bit greedy to me...





VERY RARE! 1970's Corgi Toys 267 Gold VIP Issue Batman's Batmobile.


For many, this will be the 'star' of the Wilford Collection. This is a 267 Batmobile, entirely as issued in 1972 or 1973, judging by the 8-spoke hubs which were fitted at that time, but produced in what I believe is solid brass or some gold-coloured alloy that is also non-magnetic.

The base features the text used prior to 1976 when it appears that they were informed that copyright information had to be included.

The various features are all believed to function, although I have not been able to test the missiles. Batman is also missing but an original character can be found and would certainly be an essential purchase for this.

There are no dents or scratches and this appears to have been stored, wrapped in a cloth in a drawer for many years. I have been unable, so far, to trace anything similar being referred to in other publications but from what limited information I can gather it would appear that this would have been one of very few, possibly 3 or 4 that were made for VIP guests associated with whatever deal Corgi had made by way of getting permission to sell the 267 model and later variations on the theme.

In my view, this is a seriously rare, and hence very valuable item. I hesitate to put a price on this at this stage and it will be interesting to see what offers are made. At the time of writing it can be seen at London Auctions premises in Chiswick. I have agreed that it will be included in their auction of a range of Corgi and other toys later this month, where several other items from the Wilford Collection will be available.







From Abbey Models- United Kingdom



VERY RARE! 1970's Corgi Toys 267 Gold VIP Issue Batman's Batmobile.


Made by Corgi's Senior model-maker Percy Wilford, who worked alongside Chief Designer Marcel Van Cleemput.
Thought to be only ten ever produced.

This is one of very few original Batmobiles made by Percy Wilford, which were finished in Gold, before assembly at Corgi's factory - and are thought to have
been made for a small group of VIP visitors. Expert opinion varies on how many were produced, (many experts didn't realise they existed!) but we think it was
around ten.

The fact that none have come to market is a good indication of the rarity. Of the ten Corgi 269 James Bond Lotus Esprits which were gold-plated and given to
VIP's after the film premiere, we have handled three of them, and others have come up for sale.

This Batmobile was kept by Percy Wilford, Corgi's Senior Model Maker who worked alongside Corgi's Chief Designer (and author of 'The Great Book Of Corgi)
Marcel Van Cleemput at the Northampton Corgi factory.

We can assume this would have been made by Corgi just before or just after 1973, judging by the 8-spoke hub tyre design.The base features wording used up until 1976,
after which a copyright note was included.

We are unsure if the model has been gold-plated, or is made from a goldcoloured alloy. As so few were made, details about the materials used is near
impossible to come by. Percy Wilford and Marcel Van Cleemput are sadly no longer with us. One view suggested the model was constructed from brass, but
we think this is very unlikely.

We have previously handled three of the rare gold-plated Lotus Esprit cars, given to VIP's at the premiere of 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. The 14-carat gold used on those models appears
to be similar in colour and tone to this Batmobile. Our experienced model cleaner used a gold polish to successfully clean off the slight tarnishing, reinforcing our thoughts about it being gold-plated. But we leave it to you to decide.

Naturally, the exact nature of what it is made from has no effect on its extreme rarity.

Condition is Excellent. Gold is gleaming. Slightest tiny surface rubs/marks and very light tarnish here and there, but very impressive. With original factory rivets to base, original grey plastic
rear aerial, working front slasher blade and silver-chromed rear rocket tubes (slightest chrome-loss on one rocket tube). With original and era-correct figures of Batman at the wheel, and Robin.

Closely examining the tinted screens assembly, there is a small hairline crack to the front, on the section between the two screens - not easy to spot but we like to be accurate!
Fitted with hard black plastic Whizzwheels.