Corgi Swordfish "GS36" : 1967 - 1970



Corgi Oldsmobile Toronada Glastron Speedboat and Trailer - Gift Set GS 36

Corgi GS36 Gift Set, all original models and box, complete with inner packing, from 1967, featuring the Oldsmobile Toronado in blue towing a silver trailer, with yellow and blue speedboat complete with water-figures.


The Batboat's trailer was the same as in Gift Set 36, but now gold-plated and the Batboat used the hull of the Glastron Swordfish also used in Gift Set 36.

For the Batboat, the hull was fitted a new deck structure to which was clipped a large orange fin. On this was clipped a printed tinplate Batman logo on each side. The seats were also moulded as part of the wing moulding. Large adhesive white labels bearing a flame design were applied to each side of the hull.



This box as a repro :







The Gift Set 36 was originally launched with the 263 Rambler Marlin, but it was substitued with the Oldsmobile Toronado within a few months.