Batmobile :

These mistakes with one nose filled in and no noses filled in occurred throughout the 5 year period. Its very hard to say which is the rarer on these. This was simply a moulding error which could have occurred any number of times on the towhook model.

These were all simply moulding errors that occurred over the 5 years until the mould was replaced.


The only time the door was partially filled in was on the passenger side, and that was a moulding error on the red hubs Batmobile.

With the passengers door, this was a moulding problem that they quickly corrected. If you look at some Batmobiles the door line doesnt go straight up to touch the wing.





BatBoat :

The Tin Fin "National Periodical Publication" also come with "12 spoke Whizzwheels". This "12 spoke Whizzwheels" are the same from Batmobile.