Custom designed Batcopter in Scale to Corgi Batmobile


This is NOT a Corgi toy, but designed for the purpose of enhancing a collector's Corgi display :

Here we offer a custom-designed, hand-painted Batcopter, modeled after the Bell 47 that the Dynamic Duo piloted in the Sixties television series with Adam West.

This is a very sturdy hand-painted 1/43-scale (the same scale as the Corgi Batmobile) metal and plastic model (the base model before redesign was manufactured by Fleer in limited quantities in 2006) complete with varnished oaktag Batwings, decals, removable
"bubble" windshield, turning and folding props, and Batman and Robin themselves!

Compare the details to the pictured original. The model measures approximately 10 x 3 x 2.5 inches (not counting the span of the Batwings.)

The Bell 47 is the most iconic of helicopters, (surely helped along by the popularity of the Batman series,) so much so that an early helicopter hangs today on display in New York's Museum of Modern Art.