"Code 3 items, I quite often get asked exactly what that means, and thought this quick guide might be of some use. So the basics, and what exactly are the Codes for diecast, well in a nutshell ..."

Code 1. This is any diecast produced by the manufacturer. It could be a mainstream toy or model, or a limited edition or ordered promotional. The important thing is that it has been produced totally by the manufacturer.

Code 2. This is any diecast that has been finished by a second party, with the knowledge and agreement of the manufacturer. Examples could be a batch of plain white or coloured models, that have had their decals added by another company, with the consent of the manufacturer. It could be castings ordered unpainted, that have been finished and presentation boxed under license. At the end of the day, two companies have been involved in the finishing process, where normally there would be one.

Code 3. This is the refinishing or alteration of a model, without the consent of the manufacturer. This description sounds almost dodgy, but Code 3 is now a recognized collectable in it's own right, and there is nothing illegal or unscrupulous in these singular alternative models. Code 3 covers a wide spectrum, and can mean simply swapping the trailers of two different articulated units, to completly changing the colour and look of a model. Basically, any model intentionally altered in appearance from it's origional manufactured look, without the consent of the afore mentioned manufacturer.

There are many different collectors out there, and there are many, many different models to choose from. Some themes such as Police and Fire services, are popular subjects for Code 3 hobbyists, and if you look at the Code 3 catagory in eBay's Diecast section, you will see many examples of their work. Code 3 also exists in other area's such as Corgi and Dinky, the latter which I prefer, and many otherwise scrap models, have found a second life thanks to this growing section of the diecast world.


Corgi Batmobile 267 TV CUSTOM


This is a Corgi 267 5 inch 125mm Batmobile and 107 Batboat,which have been professionally customised to resemble the TV version. The car is the first type 1960,s casting with the pulsating flame.The paint finish is factory quality.The paint is sprayed on and laquered over to a high gloss finish like the originals.

The interior has been detailed and the seats painted black. The top light is red laquered to resemble clear red perspex. The cars are painstakingly and passionately
refinished by hand and the standard of work is second to none the car is absolutely fantastic.

The pinstriping is spray masked very fine straight and even and laquered over so ot won't rub off. It is a static display peice for collectors not a toy.All wheels roll smoothly suspension is perfect and all of the functions work.It has rocket launchers and slasher blade and flame . The base is fitted securely with strong steel rivets.The boat is done in metallic blue with detail added, the trailer is gloss black with matching chrome wheels, a superb display peice for the Batman fan.









Corgi 267 Batmobile RESTAUREE EN BLANC (!!!)




Corgi 267 Batmobile RESTAUREE EN CHROME


Corgi 267 Batmobile Blue


Corgi 267 Batmobile Rouge









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