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Very rare Corgi Mettoy Garage / Shell Petrol / Filling Station issued in 1962. It is in near mint condition with no damage to the hardboard panels, ( base, 1st floor or roof panel ). The panels still have their lovely original bright yellow, red & blue painted finishes with no fading or marks. It has a wind up lift which works perfectly with the original string & has no damage. It has all its original 1st floor side fences intact. The flexible front plastic window still has its original printing & has no cracks, splits or damage. The printing on the base plate is superb with no wear or scratches. It has it's original Shell post sign & shell roof sign, the roof sign has had the letters S & H glued back on & there is a small sign missing from the front left corner on the base. The yellow ramp on the left has a crack at the top & the bottom but it is still all intact with no bits missing. The original petrol pumps are all intact with the filling hoses. All the original stickers are still in place. The front "GARAGE" sign is intact with no cracks & has a flashing bulb inside which still works perfecty when switched on(batteries included).............

Corgi/Mettoy made very few of these Garages.



Very rare Corgi Mettoy Garage : another one



Corgi Toys, Original 1960's Shop Display Dog

This is a very rare piece. The size is approx. 23cm high.




Corgi Toys, Original 1990's RE-ISSUE Shop Display Dog


© Paul Lindeboom (a Dutch photographer)

© Paul Lindeboom (a Dutch photographer)