Tips for you on Ebay



1 : Avoid sellers who sell them all the time

2 : Avoid sellers who list them as a private sale. This is done so you can't be told you've bought a fake, by someone like me. If i can't see who bought what on the feedback, then i can't help.

3 : Avoid sellers who always have MINT Batmobiles never good condition ones. Chances are, its been resprayed. They very very rarely sell whizzwheel type batmobiles, i think i've seen one of them sell one whizzwheel car. Just think, look at all the red hubbed MINT cars on Ebay. Where are all the mint whizzwheels?? There should be many many more of these IF there is that many red hubbed ones, simply because the whizzwheel was produced longer than the red hubbed version. Since the red hubbed is the desired version, seller give you what you want, and don't care that they are not selling totally original cars.

4 : Avoid sellers who always have MINT rare Batmobiles, i:e the red tyred and matt black. Just sit there and watch many batmobile auctions, then you get to see WHO always sells them. Why do you think they keep their feedback sales private?? So you can't check.

5 : Avoid sellers who won't answer your thoughts on the car, i:e tell them you know its fake, not that you think its fake. See if you get an answer. If you don't, then you know IT IS FAKE. If they answer, chances are you're dealing with a genuine seller. A genuine seller is never afraid to post your question on the auction either.

6 : Do your homework thoroughly, Check this site, its free and a massive help. You should never get sold a fake when you've read this site.

7 : If possible, i know it sounds daft, but ask about the history of the car, where they bought it, did they buy it brand new or from a toy fair or collectors shop etc. Its always better to buy it off someone who has owned the car since new, as they will know if its been tampered with.

8 : Never be afraid to ask a question on ebay if you're unsure. For example i've lately just spotted a red tyred batmobile for sale that is listed as genuine. I asked the routine questions, does it have national periodical on the bottom, the condition of the car and also pointed out the fact that he had a reproduction Robin in the car which isn't mentioned in the description. He answered my other questions, twice now, and yet both times failed to mention the reproduction Robin or even answer it, which leads me to believe he does know its a repro, but he's hoping someone else, maybe a first time buyer won't know the difference.

9 : Don't buy any batmobile that has on its description the words SOLD AS SEEN, chances are that the seller knows something isn't original or knows something has been changed on the car i:e tyres. This covers the sellers, and they don't care if its fake when the 3 words highlighted cover them. I recently had an exchange with a seller who defended a batmobile that had the glass changed, the aerial changed and the rivets changed with these words in the description. NOWHERE in the article did it state that the car had been apart, and what made it worse was the seller KNEW it had been apart, but still decided to exclude that info from the description. This was a WELL KNOWN seller of batmobiles.