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Its SOOOO easy to change the wheels on a car, (look for damage on the inside of the wheel, around the hole for the axle bar) and believe it or not, i've met people who can change the glass without undoing the bottom !!! I'm not going to tell you how to do that though !!


What a lot of sellers are doing lately is changing the wheels on the red tyred version. Just to help you, the red tyred was released only for 6 months in 1972

I'd like a lot of people to know all they can about the cars. I hate it when Batmobile fans get ripped off, and i always try to do my best to get the seller to pull it off auction when i know its fake. I emailed sp*c@aliz#d_it@ms the other day about a red tyred car he had for sale, and told him it was fake. He pulled it off within 4 hours, so i saved someone buying a fake there. I hope you didn't get ripped off too much by these fakes, because if you did you have my sympathy.


A lot of people have ended up purchasing red tyred cars with national periodical on the bottom and light blue glass and are now convinced they are genuine, which is what the sellers were hoping for. If you weren't alive when they were first released or knew someone who worked at Corgi then really you shouldn't be adding to the confusion and commenting on things that you've been convinced of and know nothing about apart from what you've been told by a seller.. It was IMPOSSIBLE for the cars to cross over with a gap of 4 years. All the red tyres had been used. Sorry guys, you've been the victim of a con. Sellers knew of the demand for the red tyred car, have bought battered red tyred and since the 72 model is hard to find now, have invented another cross over to keep up the interest in them. National periodical only started appearing on the car in 1976, 4 years after, at the insistence of the company. Before this, it had only ever appeared on the box, and they wanted it on the model, so that was the reason why from 76 it appeared on the model itself, as most people tended to throw away the box !!! Also, before you do buy a red tyred, check the persons feedback, even if they have 100%. Some are unaware, some blatantly buy the 1973 black tyred Batmobile (which had Batmobile not national periodical on the bottom and aqua glass) and then buy a battered red tyred on the cheap and change the wheels. Just ONE look at what they were selling, and what theyd bought recently told me this. They had the cheek to sell what was a genuine red tyred (without the wheels of course) for restoration, and then sell the wheels of the black tyred for any restoration project of a Batmobile !!!! So if you see a seller selling quite a few red tyred cars over the course of a year, then you know who its likely to be. BE CAREFUL, if you're unsure, then don't buy !!!! An easy 3 ways to spot if the wheels have been changed.

1: the bat-emblems on the side of a red tyred Batmobile were noticeably thinner on the sides. If you own a red tyred that has the same emblems as any previous Batmobile or any that followed then its not genuine.

2: look for glue residue on the inside of the wheels, right near the hole where the axle goes through. Its not supposed to have it at all !!!

3: Check for wear on the red tyres and chrome on the hubs. If there is any and its on a mint body then you own a Batmobile that has had the wheels changed !!! If there was damage to the wheels, then there would be to the car !! There was NO WAY for the wheels to get damaged in the assembly process, so don't believe it when a seller tells you this !!! This is just an excuse to get you to BUY the car.



I also got threatened with a solicitor by Sw@@t66*td a couple of months ago, when i told him that his red tyred was fake. Someone had posted a question that they thought his red tyred was a rebuild, using rebuild parts, and when i said it isn't genuine but not in the way that guy thought, he got very defensive. Thats when i told him i knew what he was doing, and i have all the proof from his feedback to prove it. I also dared him to post my question, which he refused to do. Too many people are doing this, and i suspect they are re-spraying the red hubbed car too, so i refuse to buy anything off them at all. I know Sw@@t66*td bought a matt black Batmobile with a massive scratch above the wheels, and then sold this car on for a lot of money and the scratch was mysteriously gone. It was definitely the same car, as the robin figure was exactly the same, and the wheels showed exactly the same damage.


I've suspected for some time that people are buying the red hubbed Batmobile and re-spraying them. I've been watching the cars that sp*c@aliz#d_it@ms has been buying in, and all his cars he sells are mint condition paintwork.

Now, i know Sw@@t66*td has done this with a matt black for certain, and i strongly suspect hes doing the same.

Unfortunately, there is no way to spot a re-spray if its done correctly. I've seen this done by a collectors shop i visited in Blackpool, which has now gone but he re-sprayed one of my towhook red hubbed Batmobiles for me without taking it apart, and i couldn't tell the difference. He didn't even remove the original stickers on the doors and no over-spray anywhere. It looked totally original.


Avoid this couple of sellers on EBAY like the plague. They always seem to sell Batmobiles. A careful look at what they are buying (look at feedback as a buyer) and then what they are selling tells me what they are doing. Some are buying the Batmobile boxed and then separating it all, listing the rockets car instructions etc. Some are buying Batmobiles with imperfections , like paint loss and broken suspension. I've seen these cars later listed as mint, and you can tell its the same car as they left the same Robin figure in, who always came with distinguishing features. They then sell the car as a private sale, so basically no-one can warn the buyer they are buying touched up cars. Whilst it all looks original, and it will to a lot of people who buy it, they aren't. It is possible to have the car re-sprayed WITHOUT disassembling it or removing any parts. I have seen this done, and it looks totally original. Even the bat-stickers can be removed or covered. The best way i can suggest to you to spot these is to look for any signs of wear to a part on the car that a seller can;t do anything about. Check the figures, especially Robin. His paint wore down a lot, and whilst i realise that the Robin figure could have been changed or the original lost, if it was mint and never played with how the hell would you lose Robin??? Check the tyres for any flat spots or any cracking, but even then these could have been changed. Ever wondered why battered red hubs Batmobiles sell?? Its for the tyres !! Check the chrome loss on the horn indicators and rocket tubes. If theres loss on these, then the paintwork would have lost some paint. Check the blade is still shiny and shows no paint loss, and the towhook. Check the Bat-stickers show no sign of fading, make sure they are red not orange. This can happen by leaving it in a sunlit area though, Check the bathubs have no paint loss because if the tyres are mint, how did the gold get damaged?? They were cast in gold, not painted !! Check the pulsating flame as this fades in sunlit areas, along with the seats. I suspect that this is happening more frequently, due to the number of MINT red hubs Batmobile for sale on EBAY. There should be MORE mint whizzwheels, but as this is the least desired model, they don't bother with them. Even touching up (especially on the wings) can be accomplished and blended in to look original. If you're going to buy a Batmobile off someone, don't buy it off someone who sells them every week. Check their FEEDBACK AS A BUYER FIRST as they are buying them in and i strongly suspect respraying them.. If you wan't GENUINE Batmobiles, then i recommend 562wood as his are genuine.

I have seen tango2255 around for many years on here and he is a very honest man, and a seller i would recommend.


I've been looking at j-@*ld f?xs stuff for a while now, and does sound a very honest man but the problem he's change the tyres off the batmobile, how does he know if he's taking off originals himself ??

When he's bought the batmobile, how does he know that that seller he bought it off is selling genuine articles or cars that haven't been messed with?? I realise that changing tyres is minor, still a bit naughty though, but how does he know he isn't putting repro ones on?? He should be a bit more careful. To replace the tyres isn't that hard, and it sounds like he's doing it the wrong way. The best way to achieve it is to warm them up in warm water so they expand and they come off a lot easier and don't crack then, unless they already have a crack in. Then put the car with the tyres back on into a little cold water to contract the tyres back. He should just be a bit more careful what tyres he puts back onto a car, and make sure they are genuine ones he puts back on. To be fair as well, he should at least state in his advertisements that he has changed the tyres, so everyone is aware he has.

He does have genuine cars he does have a habit of changing the tyres. Whilst i believe the guy is genuine, he should understand that collectors will be disappointed with vehicles that have been altered in the slightest way, even down to the tyres, but more annoyed if he doesn't state it in his description. His responsibility to the collector of batmobiles is to tell them the full truth so they can be aware that it has had the tyres changed, even if he is changing them for another set of originals. At least potential buyers will know then what they are buying. He must understand that some collectors buy items off him believing them to be un touched in any way and exactly the same as the day it left the factory.. Whilst it wouldn't bother me too much, i know a few collectors would be most irritated if they knew someone had done that as they pay for perfection and want the car exactly the same as the day it left the factory. Usually, a good collector who knows what he's looking for will be able to spot if he has changed the tyres, even for another set of originals, and it de-values the vehicle in their eyes.

I do believe he is a genuine guy but one who doesn't know what he's looking for in fake batmobiles, judging by the one he's selling. He has two batmobiles for sale in the same auction, one has no tyres, the 2nd is the fake. It has the wrong colour glass and has the wrong colour aerial and has had new rivets put in, as all originals had rivet holes in them.




One another seller, who bought a Batmobile boxed, paid £379 for it all, with everything thrown in. He then sold the car ALONE mint for £331. In fact, i think this one seller is buying ALL the boxed Batmobiles and then separating it all. He must work on a tight profit margin, and therefore wont pay over a certain price. So if you really want one, i'd outbid him and pay for it ALL instead of just the car later on. The other seller, i have emailed him numerous times, and heard nothing back. apart from the last time. My questions were reasonable, and non accusing. This seller then got all defensive, threatening me with a solicitor. To which i answered fine. I have ALL the proof i need what hes been doing. I heard nothing back. Whilst he has only been under his current name for a couple of years, he once traded under a different name, and was constantly accused before of selling false Batmobiles via his feedback. A careful check of his feedback left for others show that this man has been over-bidding to win the cars, claiming they were damaged in some way after, and getting some of his money back. Looking at it now though, i think a lot of people got wise to him. If they carry on though, i have all the pics from their feedback and i WILL REPORT them to trading standards !!! I ALWAYS give you a chance to remove it first, so its on your own head !! Just know, I AM WATCHING YOU, as i DO NOT AGREE with ripping people off, especially fellow Batmobile enthusiasts, as you're ONLY interested in the money, instead of selling the GENUINE article.


There are very hard to spot from pics if its original or fake, but i don't trust Sw@@t66*td because i know hes sold a lot of fakes in his time, including rockets.

Look behind : The first two pics show how he bought the car, and the second 3 show how it looked when he sold the same car on. Have a look at the bottom of the car especially you will see it is the same batmobile ! The red tyred from first pictures well they look like the same tyres on the car he has for sale now.

Have a good look, i'm certain they are the same. Don't forget, check for wear on the red tyres and chrome on the hubs. If there is any and its on a mint body then you own a Batmobile that has had the wheels changed !!! If there was damage to the wheels, then there would be to the car !! There was NO WAY for the wheels to get damaged in the assembly process, so don't believe it when a seller tells you this !!! This is just an excuse to get you to BUY the car.

Look last 2 pics, body is near very good, but tyre are very very used !!! How is possible ???




Whilst i know him, sp*c@aliz#d_it@ms, Sw@@t66*td and 562wood are buying collections and selling them on for more (which isnt wrong i guess), i dont agree with touch ups or fakes. 562wood to the best of my knowledge has never done this. Ive become very interested in sp*c@aliz#d_it@ms matt black too, as nowhere can i see hes bought one for a start!! However, since he buys in collections and sells them separately, i have become interested in the box hes selling. If you look at his feedback as a buyer on the 19th may, dietrich-pat, he bought a gloss black batmobile with the box hes now selling (price mark 4:00 which is very hard to find on an original mark 1 box) Now, i know hes been replacing the aerials for a fact, and it isnt too hard to change a gloss black into a matt black!! He seems to have too many rare cars these days for sale!! Most of these sellers get them in from the USA, as the cars are cheaper to buy from there. Its quite easy to spot someone who sells fake Batmobiles, as they make their sales private.


It is also possible to dull down the paintwork of a gloss black red hubbed Batmobile, to make it matt black. I've never tried it (but i will with an old battered Batmobile) but im guessing it can be done with some T-cut. This is only possible with early no towhook Batmobiles, as later no towhook ones had distinguishing features. A careful check on feedback here shows they are buying gloss blacks, yet selling matt blacks??? Enough to raise an eyebrow don't you think?? If there is a nose filled in or something on the car that shouldn't be then its fake.

For reproduction parts, look up Steve Flowers. He sells all the parts for the Batmobile and Batboat at quite reasonable prices. The Batman and Robin figures are made out of plastic now, ,whilst early versions were made of lead !! I own about 7 lead Robins and they make the car feel very heavy !! I still collect little bits here and there of the batman vehicles, if the price is right. I have a spare jar just full of Batman and Robin figures.


Recommend sellers on EBAY :

00heaven2012 (for restorations)


Correct sellers on EBAY :

j-@*ld f?xs


Avoid sellers on EBAY :

s*@!nj*h@s*lc?@k has changed his name to sp*c@aliz#d_it@ms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
has changed his name to Sw@@t66*td !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
v*n*aget@yssh@p then
Sw@@t66*td is now also using princ@ss.elf as an e-bay account!