Corgi Batmobile, pneus rouges, whizzwheels avec jantes à 8 quartiers.

1976 "Pare-brise bleu clair"

Corgi Batmobile fausses



The light blue glass Batmobile with Batmobile on the bottom never happened. I have met people who can change the glass. In fact, i've met many people over the years who just buy old battered Batmobiles in the hope of making a good one out of all the parts, without realising that certain parts went on certain models. Thats why confusion reigns these days when people want to buy genuine cars, and think they might have a rare one. It is also possible to take the bottom off a car and rebuild it yourself and make it look original, even down to the rivets. Its just a question of doing it right and very carefully !! Its possible to get original rivets off a Batmobile and re-use them without damaging the rivets at all. The person i saw do this went through the bodywork of an original battered Batmobile and cut the posts very carefully releasing the rivets!!! So as you can see, its very easy to create an original Batmobile with the know-how. This person though made the mistake of putting on the wrong parts though, something i wasn't prepared to correct him on !!