Corgi Batmobile, pneus rouges, whizzwheels avec jantes à 8 quartiers.

1976 "Pare-brise bleu aqua clair"

Corgi Batmobile fausses



Very few of the last 1974 8 spoke black tyres have a light aqua canopy before light or purple canopy, it's not light blue but different shades of aqua glass (discolored or light aqua canopy )!! The Red Tyres never had light aqua canopy, this below was a fake, it's a 1974, 8 spoke, black tyres, and light aqua canopy with wheels changed (remenber : The bat-emblems on the side of a red tyred Batmobile were noticeably thinner on the sides. If you own a red tyred that has the same emblems as any previous Batmobile or any that followed then its not genuine). However aqua the Red Tyres below was genuine.