Factory mistake

Please note Driver side rear wheel - it is completely different than the other 3 wheels. I do not know if this is a factory defect.

Not sure about this one. It's one of the very later issues so Corgi put anything on these cars and weren't very well made so it is a strong possibility!!!! That type of hub come from C271 Aston Martin DB5's wheels.













What makes this Batmobile so interesting is the fact, that here happened a factory mistake. The yellow front lights are at the wrong place, there is (and was) definitively no colour at the place where it should be. Only the original black. There was no yellow colour, nothing wiped out.






This particular batmobile stand out is what looks like a moulding error by corgi, a previously unknown error. Whilst we already know corgi made a few moulding errors, none of them before have been particularly noticeable. This one really stands out on the fin at the rear!! It looks like something got stuck in the mould and caused this error, but what's unknown at this time is how many there were.





Orange paintwork from the headlight are bad !!!



Manufacturing defect concerning rivet which looks like it hasn't been fully inserted into the batmobile baseplate. I can't be sure if it is original or not from the pics. It certainly looks it, and the model is from around the same time as corgi missing rivets from the bottom of the car, but the way some sellers do restoration jobs these days i can't be 100% sure without seeng the car myself...




Misprint errors on the GS3 box from 1967






"B type" with "patent application No.3396/69"
(this is for the ® Whizzwheels) on inside flap.

This box had is the front with 267 on the top left, doesn't have "ROCKET FIRING" to the back top. In inside flap has written on it has CARTON REGISTERED DESIGN No.939584, and more importantly it "patent application No.3396/69" (this is for the ® Whizzwheels).


A genuine Red Tyres box under any circumstances had "For spare tyres ask for no 1456" on the flap.

But you can find very few with a mistake printing and wrong car in a box!!! This B type box was sale with a Bat-Hub car and have the wrong spare tyres info "For spare tyres ask for no FRONT - 1457 REAR - no 1456" on the flap. Remember, Batmobile have 1456 tyres on front and rear! The 1457 is for the trailer’s Batboat.


Wrong spare tyres info : "For spare tyres ask for no FRONT - 1457 REAR - no 1456"