Corgi Juniors : Batmobile



The junior range i still saw in some old warehouses all the way up to 1986, a few years after Corgi had gone. They aren't my personal favourites either, although i do own them. The early juniors set were made by Husky (a division of Corgi) and the Batmobile and Batboat both had a painted Batman and Robin in them. They were available separately and together. The later Batmobile with whizzwheels contained only an unpainted Batman, whilst the Batboat had none. The Batboat now though was only available in the gift set, whilst the Batcopter and the Batbike (released in 76) were available separately. The junior Batmobile with whizzwheels was made with 2 types of glass, blue and white. The white glass is very very rare.

DC Comics, Inc., also known as Detective Comics, Inc., publishes comics and comics-related products. DC Comics, Inc. was formerly known as National Periodical Publications, Inc. and changed its name to DC Comics, Inc. in 1977.

The company was founded in 1934 and is based in New York, New York. DC Comics, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Warner Communications Inc.

From 1974 to early 1976, Corgi writes: "National Periodical Publications Inc" behind the E69 Corgi Juniors Batmobile, Batboat (version 3.1 and 3.2) and E78 Corgi Juniors Batcopter's wing.

Early 1976, Corgi writes: "National Periodical Publications Inc" behind the C925 Batcopter's wing.

Before 1976, C107 Batboat and C267 Corgi Batmobile have no copyright (all versions before 1976 this just had “Batmobile” on the bottom).

From late 1976 to 1983, Corgi writes: "DC COMICS INC 1976" behind the E69 Corgi Juniors Batmobile, E78 Corgi Juniors Batcopter and behind C925 Batcopter's wing. But the Juniors Batboat had “National Periodicals Publications” under the rear fin until end.

The main change was to the bottom of the C267 Batmobile and C107 Batboat, which now had “National Periodicals Publications” on the bottom until end.



1976 -1983 Corgi "DC COMICS INC 1976" flat black 5 spoke Whizzwheels - "E69"