Husky : Batboat

Corgi Juniors BatBoat

The junior range i still saw in some old warehouses all the way up to 1986, a few years after Corgi had gone. They aren't my personal favourites either, although i do own them. The early juniors set were made by Husky (a division of Corgi) and the Batmobile and Batboat both had a painted Batman and Robin in them. They were available separately and together. The later Batmobile with whizzwheels contained only an unpainted Batman, whilst the Batboat had none. The Batboat now though was only available in the gift set, whilst the Batcopter and the Batbike (released in 76) were available separately. The junior Batmobile with whizzwheels was made with 2 types of glass, blue and white. The white glass is very very rare.


Husky : 1964-1969
Corgi Juniors : 1970-1983

1.0 - HUSKY 1003 1968-1969
"HUSKY" name molded into bottom,
yellow fin with Bat labels,
trailer with grey plastic wheels, hitch with pin
(need confirmation, may been a preproduction model).