Husky : Trailers


The Speedboat (Husky 19) use a similar trailer that the Batboat but with small difference !

Husky trailers (gold or blue) hitch with hole are only for the Speedboat (Husky 19), the Husky trailers (gold) hitch with pin are only for the Batboat. If you find a Corgi Batmobile 1002 with an Husky trailers hitch with hole, it's not a factory assembly.

Corgi blue trailers (hitch with hole) are only for the Speedboat (Husky 19). If you find an Corgi Batmobile 1002 or E69 with a Corgi blue trailers, it's not a factory assembly.

Corgi silver trailers (hitch with hole) are for the Speedboat (Husky 19), i don't know if you can find with the Batboat.


Husky trailers, hitch with hole

Husky gold or blue trailer (hitch with hole) can find one of these in:
- 19 Husky Speedboat on trailer
- 3005 Husky/Corgi Holiday-time gift set


2.3 - Husky Blue trailer, dished diecast wheels with black plastic tyres (from Husky 19 Speed Boat on trailer 1969-1970),




Corgi 3005 Leisure Time Gift set, Contains 8 vehicles as per pictures


Speedboat :
Cream deck, red hull, blue tinted windshield, blue outboard motor, NO lettering on hull, "CORGI JUNIORS" label on trailer - 1971

"NO lettering on hull" name and "MADE IN GT.BRITAIN" molded into bottom,
"SPEED" and "BOAT" on rear of boat around engine.