Corgi production




Green number come from New Great Book of Corgi : 1956-2010 by Marcel R.Van Cleemput.

Red numbers are estimates, they are established from the production number for the best sales of the other Corgi.


They are 4,907,000 single Batmobile, with GS boxes it's more than 5,756,000 Batmobile produced !!!!


I'm very surprised and mystified by some of the figures. The early models were built in advance of them going on sale, so i don't for a second believe the first 2 years figures. There was absolutely no way for them to produce that many in a year. Later on they could, but certainly not earler. He's made a mistake with 1969 for a start. Ok, that was the year of the fire but the factory still produced them, in fact the fire didn't affect the shop floor, only the stock that was in a warehouse, so there should be a figure for 1969. A guess would be that he has combined the early figures with what should be there for 1969. It could be that he has included the number in these early years of what was destroyed also. Corgi certainly still produced in 1969, just not enough to keep up with demand. Some shops went without.

I take Marcel van Cleemput with a pinch of salt, as he has proven to be unreliable in other aspects. The 1970's produce more like the numbers that Darren and Sean told me, but anyone can be wrong. He was only a designer and yes he has a lot of good info, but he has been mistaken about a lot and had no real contact with the work force. These figures don't include the little and large gift set from 81-83, I think the last year, 1983, is wrong too. They only worked for 3 months of that year and doubt they would have gotten near 15,000. The figures in red are far more realistic than the green ones. The only year there i could believe was 1976, when they released the gs40 which had a new boat and the batcopter for the first time, but it didn't sell well at all and the numbers would have tailed off considerably. From what Darren said, the figures were more like 250,000 (which i don't kinow if he took into account the gift sets with). The early years the car was very very popular but i still can't see a million being produced the first year, and 1 and a half the year after. The figures were probably half that at best. I think the overall figure was 4.5 million, what Darren said, and Sean said just over 4 million, but i didn't ask if that included the gift sets. Yes, the figures in red are far more beievable, but the green ones i seriously doubt are accurate.