As for the rockets, they were either red or yellow, and ive noticed a lot of people stating that the red rockets werer available early on. Thats not quite true, as i saw later whizzwheels with red rockets when i was younger.

I've seen sellers stating that the red rockets only came with early issues of the car too, yet i saw loads of the wide wheels with these in woolworths in 1982. I can only think that its sellers again trying to make more money. The red rockets did disappear however, they weren't in the 72-81 Batmobiles.

This is a pic of a gs40 on ebay, and as you'll notice the rockets are red and unattached. As I've mentioned before, its a myth that only red rockets came with early batmobiles, they also came with later sets. These are still attached to the yellow insert and have never been removed, its on sale at the moment. I saw quite a few later editions when I was younger with EITHER sets of rockets, yellow or red, but most people these days assume red came earlier and just switch them to earlier models.

I believe the rockets were made again, not old stock. Darren or Sean were not sure why the rockets were changed (but they definitely were) but Darrens feeling was the colour change occurred at the same time the batbike was released and the missiles when made an employee could easily have got the colours mixed up, or believed they got confused as to what missiles they were working on. He could not confirm this but they were definitely in the 79 onwards boxes, I saw them even in the 81-84 boxes but only early on. I would say again a factory error and corgi just used the parts instead of chucking them.

Yes, the juniors were prone to a lot of sticker errors, even the junior batmobile I have seen with big batdoor stickers and even with junior batcopter stickers!!! This would have been when there was a breakdown on the line and they used what stickers they had instead of stopping production, and this is also when the big batmobile had the big batdoor stickers.